Pete Komor

My teaching work is split into three different sections, private teaching, group workshops and services for schools:


I run a set of workshops for primary and secondary schools, ranging from samba drumming to the history of Jazz music. The workshops vary in format and length depending on the requirements of your school or group.

Jazz: The Jazz workshop includes leaning through an interactive performance with a live Jazz band! A trio of professional musicians take the group through the beginnings of jazz and blues, how it influenced modern music and some of the main instruments used, including Drums, Double bass, Saxophone and Trumpet.

The workshop can be held in assembly format for the whole school, or in more interactive class by class sessions.

Samba Drumming: The Samba Drumming workshop is a fun way of learning about the native rhythms of south America. For groups of up to 60 children, this workshop is based around performance by the children themselves, working as a team, following instructions and remembering patterns and exercises to make music.

Creativity through music: This Workshop fuses together the children's non musical creative and artistic capabilities with a new way to perform and make music. Working with graphic scores the children compose and perform each others pieces with no prior musical knowledge.

Private teaching:

I teach Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Recorder

Jazz is my passion, and my main livelihood, so I am always more than happy to take on a new student interested in jazz double bass, electric bass or jazz theory/harmony in general.

I also provide tuition of many other aspects including:

Learning to read music (bass and treble clef)

As well as these technical aspects, I also am happy to work with students who just want to improve their musicianship and enjoy making music, rather than focus on a technical outlook.

Beginners welcome, as are advanced players.
Basic piano skills can also be incorporated into lessons if desired. 

For more information take a look at my dedicated private teaching website: